Ambient Media & Design- Herbal Earth Apothecary


I am an artist and graphic designer based out of my home town of Choctaw, only a few minutes north of Thibodaux, Louisiana. I received my BLA from Nicholls State University in 2011, where I studied studio art and marketing. I currently work a full time job and use my free time to create art and graphics. 

I was always interested in art as a young child and my interest continued to grow. One weekend, at my family’s camp, a family friend was painting a mural on her bathroom wall. It was the first time I saw someone paint, I was mesmerized. Her name is Dale, and she is one of my biggest influences as a painter. Other artists who I am inspired by are Paul Cezanne, Edgar Degas, John James Audubon and Bob Ross. 

Art, for me is a form of mediation, when I am creating the rest of the world falls away and I am immersed in the moment. 

My primary focus as an artist is Louisiana wildlife and landscapes with birds being my main subject matter and that being said, I tend to paint whatever speaks to me as an artist. I believe I am inspired to capture the tranquil freedom and elegant grace of the beauty all around us. My current works are primarily oil and acrylic paintings, but I do enjoy pastels. I enjoy using elements of impressionism along with techniques of realism.